Vault 7 : CIA ‘Vault 7’ Documents Explained
March 8, 2017
wifi hacker apk no root – nothing but Virus
March 9, 2017
Vault 7 : CIA ‘Vault 7’ Documents Explained
March 8, 2017
wifi hacker apk no root – nothing but Virus
March 9, 2017


Tested Apks in Pakistan for 2021 (Containing Viruses & Malware)

Please do not download or Install these APKs as they will infect your mobile device

  • Cheto Hack (Test Date 2021)
  • Inshot Hack / Mod APK (Test date 2021)
  • Pubg Mobile Hack – Online Generator (Test date 2021)
  • Joo Music Silver3 Hack (Test date 2021)
  • Among Us Hack (Test date 2021)
  • Free Fire Headshot Hack (Test date 2021)
  • Traffic Rider Hack (Test date 2021)
  • Happy Mod Hack (Test date 2021)


Tested Apks in Pakistan for 2018 (Containing Viruses & Malware)

Please do not download or Install these APKs as they will infect your mobile device

  1. brazzerspasswords 2018 hack apk (test date 2018)
  2. pubg mobile hack (test date 2018)
  3. hayy.fb hack (test date 2018)
  4. xmodgames apk (test date 2018)
  5. jazz ecare hack (test date 2018)

Mobile users be careful with what you download. A new tool on the black market is helping hackers distribute malware through game hack files and free apk downloads in exchange for a fee.

On Tuesday, security researchers at Tier3 said they discovered the so-called “APK Install Service” tool in underground forums.

It leverages apk installs to spread the malware. Popular hack and cheat files along with free downloads of popular software, especially games, are packaged with malicious coding and then uploaded for unsuspecting users to download.

8 ball pool hack

Using torrents to infect computers is nothing new. But the makers of the this tool have streamlined the whole process with a “Pay-Per-Install” model, according to our observation.

Developers have created a slick interface for their product. It can monitor the status of the malicious files over popular sites which often act as a directory for users to download these patches and coin hacks content.

“In some cases, the lifespan of these seeded malicious files exceeded 1.5 months and resulted in thousands of successful downloads,” . Customers of the tool have frequently been using it to package malware with PC-based online games for both Windows and Mac.

To infect more users, the makers were also on the lookout for known uploaders of these files. They would then hijack their accounts, and use them to spread even more malicious torrent files.

This tool has been found distributing ransomware such as Cerber or Locky, in addition to the Trojan Dridex — which can steal a user’s banking credentials — and the password-lifting Pony spyware.

The makers are believed to be an Eastern European organized crime group known as Black Team. The underground forums where the tool is sold are invite-only, with the verification process of new members quite strict.Some of the most popular apks and files used are as follow.

It is also recommended to buy PUBG UC in Pakistan using authorised and verified sellers. Users are warned to be aware of scammers.

List of tested Mobile Apps found containing Malware / Viruses :

  1. 8 ball pool hack free download (Tested 3rd Feb 2017)
  2. clash of clans hack download (Tested 3rd Feb 2017)
  3. hack subway surfers (Tested 3rd Feb 2017)
  4. (Wifi Password Hacker – Trojan Download) (Tested 3rd Feb 2017)
  5. how to hack 8 ball pool android (Tested 3rd Feb 2017)
  6. 8 ball pool hack free download without survey (Tested 3rd Feb 2017)
  7. cadillacs and dinosaurs apk (Tested 9th Feb 2017)
  8. xvideoservicethief 2.4.1  free download (Tested 9th Feb 2017)
  9. apk editor pro (Tested 9th Feb 2017)
  10. game keyboard apk (Tested 9th Feb 2017)
  11. wcc2 mod coins apk (Tested 9th Feb 2017)
  12. amazon underground apk (Tested 9th Feb 2017)
  13. adguard apk (Tested 11th Feb 2017)
  14. super mario run apk (Tested 11th Feb 2017)
  15. vidmate 2017 apk free download (Tested 11th Feb 2017)
  16. pokemon duel apk (Tested 11th Feb 2017)
  17. solid streamz apk  and solid streamz username (Tested 11th Feb 2017)
  18. fire emblem heroes apk (Tested 11th Feb 2017)
  19. snapchat hack (Tested 13th Feb 2017)
  20. flappy bird hack (Tested 13th Feb 2017)
  21. Fly GPS apk hack (Tested 13th Feb 2017)
  22. tutu helper apk (Tested 13th Feb 2017)
  23. roblox hack (Tested 13th Feb 2017)
  24. clash royale hack (Tested 17th Feb 2017)
  25. 8ballpool-ppf-info/coins-cash (Tested 17th Feb 2017)
  26. teen patti gold hack (Testing)
  • Please Download and Install original Genuine APKs from Google play store or Apple Store. Do not download apks from random websites.

“Tier3 strongly recommends that extreme caution be taken when visiting these hack and APK download sites to download hack games and coins or downloading cheat engines for operating systems and business software,”.

Game hacks, coin programs , hack engines, torrents may  have viruses, Trojans, worms, malware or any of similar category.

  • Before downloading a hack or torrent, try to find out about the uploader. There are a number of users that are believed to be trusted by everyone just because of their past uploads (At least they are safer than any other random apk)
  • Apks and Torrents which have key-generators (keygen) or activation patches (cracked exe or dll)  and hacks might have viruses but that solely depends upon the person who created it.
  • Fake Apks are supposed to have viruses. These Apks are something like – 8 ball pool hack free download  or clash of clans hack download and vidmate 2017 apk free download .They are likely to contain malicious content.
  • Always use an updated Antivirus, because you don’t want your device acting as a bot and to be controlled by someone else. Once your device is affected by any generic virus, your personal information, private files and everything else is a threat.
  • One last tip: Saving yourself from a virus is easy, If you are smart enough. Never make mouse clicks in a hurry. For example – Next-Next-Next-Agree-Next-Done or – Proceed to download -> Download via installer -> Downloading -> Ends up busting your computer

Always Remember Prevention is better than cure.


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