Mobile Device Management - Pakistan
Mobile Device Management Software – Pakistan

MDM, or Mobile Device Management, involves overseeing mobile devices, mainly with regards to their usage and security. This management strategy involves monitoring key information about each device, deciding which apps can be installed, and having the ability to secure the device remotely if it is lost or taken. Additionally, MDM is capable of tracking the location of mobile devices, both by the user and geographically.

Tier3 Provides a complete mobile device management tool used by IT professionals in Pakistan to deploy and secure corporate mobile devices. It enables businesses in Pakistan to handle mobility concerns by providing a simple, effective way to view and control devices from a single administrative platform. Our MDM ensures a total separation of corporate and personal data on devices, ensuring the security of the data and the privacy of your employees.

All mobile devices that are linked to the MDM server function as clients. The MDM server has the ability to remotely deliver configurations, apps, and policies to every connected device. IT administrators are able to manage all endpoints remotely through the MDM server, which may encompass laptops, tablets, iPods, and smartphones.

When a mobile device is controlled by the MDM server, non-essential applications can be prevented from being used during work hours. This will prevent employees from accessing social media and other applications while they are on the clock. MDM solutions can automate this protection across all devices connected to the MDM server.

Devices connected to the MDM server can be updated, patched, and managed remotely without interrupting the user’s experience. Our MDM solutions supports for Android and Apple devices. Our MDM software can limit the risk of lost data, stop unapproved software installs, and prevent unauthorized access to the mobile devices accessing corporate data and networks in Pakistan.

Main Features of MDM Software

  • Scan device
  • Scan device location
  • Lock device
  • Clear passcode
  • Wipe device
  • Clear activation lock
  • Disenroll device
  • Android & iOS app management
  • Mandatory apps
  • App blacklisting / whitelisting
  • Install / Uninstall application
  • Location Tracking/ history / Geofencing
  • Data sharing by restriction Bluetooth, tethering, NFC and Android Beam.
  • Change owner
  • Rename device
  • Broadcast message
  • Set friendly name
  • Switch ownership after enrollment
  • Power Off device
  • Restart device
  • Remote Ring
  • Enable Personal Hotspot (iOS)
  • Disable Personal Hotspot (iOS)
  • Enable Lost Mode
  • Disable Lost Mode
  • Import contacts to device
  • Forced OS updation (iOS)
  • Set Ringtone (Android)
  • Delete pre-approved devices
  • Set new password (Android)

and many more …. For full list of all the available features and options please feel free to contact us.

Mobile Device Management software provides support for

  • All common or company-issued mobile devices (iOS, androids, windows) and support necessary operating systems and platforms
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support by by deploying a “Container”.
  • Android zero-touch enrollment , Apple Configurator enrollment or 10 other enrollment methods.
  • Seamless integration with active directory, google work space, microsoft office 365, azure etc
  • Function through/with multiple service providers
  • Customize, according to company policy and/or requirements.
  • Integrate with the already existing IT, administrative, and application systems
  • Enable the remote configuration, locking, wiping, detection, and encryption of devices
  • Reports on device activity

Field Service Management System (FSMS)

Field Service Management System (FSMS)

Field Service Management (FSM) is a means of organising and optimising operations performed outside of the office, i.e., out in the field. Common examples of field services include consultations, sales, repair and maintenance, customer support, and regular inspections.

Field service management system includes Field Force Tracking Software which works in line with the evolution of mobile technology. FSM software is a technological solution designed to help field service managers in Pakistan take control of all the moving parts and remote field workers operating in Pakistan by automating certain tasks, while providing remote access to the office, real-time updates, and customer insights, and many other tools.

Field service management system is useful for any industry in Pakistan that has employees working in the field. In particular, utilities, healthcare, construction, home improvement, property maintenance, and telecom industries have the most to gain by implementing field service management software. Monitor your field workers locations while on the clock and assign incoming tasks on the fly accordingly. Instantly communicate and track progress from anywhere.

Field service management system Pakistan
Field service management system Pakistan

Some of the most common industries that use FSM include:

  1. Utilities (gas, water, electricity)
  2. Civic Services and Authorities
  3. Enforcement Teams
  4. Environmental Teams
  5. Healthcare
  6. Construction
  7. Property Maintenance
  8. Telecom

Field service management system helps you manage your team’s day-to-day in one place – from planning schedules, assigning tasks, tracking work hours, ensuring task completion, all the way down to payroll.

Whether you’re in the office or in the field, our field service business app gives you all the tools you need to grow and manage your business at your fingertips. With most of your employees constantly on the move and without access to computers or a company email, field service app allows you to keep everyone on the same page with multiple communication channels. Some of the main features include

  • Unlimited Tasks – Add work order information, such as location and tasks
  • Auto Allocation of Tasks – Build work schedules for your team to access on their mobile phones
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Invoices & Quotes – Share digital reports, forms, and checklists to fill out, add images to, and sign
  • Geofencing
  • Dynamic Forms (Pictures / Voice Notes / Dynamic Fields)
  • Realtime Push Updates
  • Mobile App for Field Agents & Manager
  • GPS Time Clocking and Location Stamping
  • Live Location Tracking – Gather real-time insights into what’s happening on the job
  • Chats – Instantly reach your workforce via 1:1 or group chats or one-way broadcast channels

Scheduling shifts and dispatching jobs is easy to do with field service scheduling software. Enhance daily operations and tasks with our digital checklists, forms, and reports. Boost employee engagement, retention, morale, and lower turnover, from feedback surveys to private or group chat, a suggestion box and so much more. One flexible solution that adapts to suit your business, scales with growth, and eliminates the need for multiple platforms.

Save time, streamline daily operations, enhance professional skills, keep track of hours and so much more can be easily done with best field service app in Pakistan.

For more information about available features and ordering contact our sales team.

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