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Mission :

To Cleanse and Protect The Cyber Space of Digital Pakistan

Summary :

It is ironic that despite having the world’s best cybersecurity and IT experts, Pakistan remains ill-equipped to deal with the ever rising threat of cyber attacks. Since 2011, hackers from different parts of the world continued to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) and ransomware attacks on Pakistani websites and business corporates. They hacked websites belonging to the security forces and the federal government, defaced them and leaked private data of government and security officials — as documented by the local media including Tier3 Cyber Alert System.

By contrast, the Federal Investigation Agency — the country’s premier anti-cyber crime watchdog — can barely cope with such attacks, according to industry experts. “These attacks will keep on happening as we can’t do anything. We have no facilities or resource to trace the hackers.We need trained people to do the job efficiently,” an official, who advises the agency on legal issues, told me in a conversation last year. According to the official, even National Response Centre for Cyber Crime, an FIA division responsible for dealing with cyber crimes, can’t trace such attacks that are executed by hackers through proxies, such as TOR — free software that enables online anonymity and resist censorship.

To help Govt agencies with their tremendous tasks of monitoring networks and enterprise security #opsec Pakistan has been launched. A group of silent individuals who work behind the curtains always vigilant and ready to defend the cyber frontiers and provide cyber security to both public and private establishments In Pakistan.

What Does Tier3 Do ? We monitor , we defend , we advise and when needed we liaise with legal entities of Pakistan to curb these attacks. We are the silent force that is safeguarding our cyber frontiers.

Who Can Join ? All those who can code, who can penetrate and who  want to work for Pakistan.

Do you Get paid ? Mostly it is volunteer work but then time to time we do get projects where experts are paid.

How to Join ? Just send us an email about your self and your expertise on info[@]tier3.pk

Is there any Training ? Yes,we regular share different educational and other technical or tool based information with our volunteers.

Volunteers will be enrolled for Surfsafe® e-Scouts Pakistan and be able to manage their profiles online using secure portal.

Contact us to report potential vulnerabilities identified in any products, systems, or asset belonging to Pakistani Corporate, Government Institutes and local Pakistani affiliate companies. Vulnerability Disclosure Program Pakistan.

For More Information and Our Partner Organisations please email us on info (@) tier3.pk

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