Pointsr – Pointsr.com “No Points, No COC Gems Only Scam “

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March 12, 2017
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March 12, 2017

Pointsr – Pointsr.com “No Points, No COC Gems Only Scam “

Pointsr. com is becoming quite famous for providing free gems and free coins for game play.Some of the famous games they offer on their website are Clash of Clans and many other.

Website operates on following steps.

1.Sign Up for account.

You can choose your game on the website, so we chose Clash of Clans.You have to give your email and your in-game nickname.

2.Choose The Gems etc 

Then you can choose if you want Gems, Gold, Elixir or Dark Elixir. So far so good, we choose Gems.

3.Download and Install an App

In the next step, they want us to download one app to proceed. This is quite common for offers, so we choose to take the an app and use it for 30 seconds as they told me.


Results :

After having used it for about 5 minutes, we returned to their website to see what happens next.

Nothing!  No Gems.

Logged into game and Gems are the same. Now we have an idea that this is a scam, but to re confirm we did download  second app and used it for 1 minute as well, just to make sure. The result is the same, like all other hacks we find online. They just get you to download apps, take surveys and sell your email address to spam lists.

That’s why we always recommend our users to buy game cash, and other boty points only from reputed games and fortnite bukcs, PUBG UC sellers in Pakistan.

Users now days are also putting their computer systems on risks by installing apps from non reputed vendors and many viruses and ransomware malware gets installed by these drive by download now days.

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