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We're a purpose-driven company whose beliefs are the foundation for how we conduct business every day. Embracing our One Team behavior, we uphold the utmost ethical and professional cybersecurity standards, fostering an open, secure workplace. Our commitment extends to treating all stakeholders with dignity and respect. Trust us for a cyber-secure environment and unparalleled professionalism.Our Tier3 cybersecurity experts in Pakistan challenge the status quo, ask right questions, and find working cybersecurity solutions. Join us as we change the way the world defines digital freedom and cybersecurity.

The Company

TIER3 stands as Pakistan's premier Cybersecurity, Technology, and Innovation firm. Our success is defined by achieving exceptional and impactful results in securing and safeguarding businesses, communities, and individuals in the dynamic landscape of Digital Pakistan.

Since 2011, our unwavering commitment to this principle has been the cornerstone of Tier3's ethos, guiding every facet of our operations. With over 12 years of expertise, Tier3 Cyber Security Pakistan has relentlessly pursued a singular goal: to empower and protect Pakistani enterprises, organizations, and individuals. We provide continuous cybersecurity assurances, securing not only people and business systems but also critical information integral to these entities.

Tier3, recognized as the Top cybersecurity company in Pakistan, adeptly responds to the dynamic demands of the digital era.  Specializing in a comprehensive array of services including cybersecurity assessments, incident response, threat intelligence, investigations, and training, we are your trusted partner in safeguarding digital assets. We are an elite team of hackers and specialists in the fields of cyber security, cryptography, forensics, offensive security, and intelligence. You can trust Tier3 for discreet and unparalleled cybersecurity excellence.

We operate nationally from our principal offices in the Islamabad. So wherever the challenge is, we have a Tier 3  cybersecurity analyst ready to help you.We always strive to give you a constant confidence in your cybersecurity posture.

The Mission

TIER3 isn't an ordinary company. We do not do ordinary. We are disruptors, hackers, hunters, rule-breakers, analysts, scientists and innovators.

In this evolving digital world, protecting digital information, IT infrastructure and applications is becoming increasingly challenging.  We work tirelessly to improve your organisations Cyber Resilience. Tier3 is a highly specialized and unique cybersecurity team focused on disrupting cyber threats and committed to staying ahead of the curve in safeguarding Digital Pakistan.

Our cybersecurity experts can help you Assess, Analyse, Reduce & Manage your Cybersecurity Risks. We specialize in managed detection and response. With Tier3 you are in safe hands !

Our Services

Our business is very simple - provide best and fully tested cyber secure products, solutions, and services to our customers in Pakistan. Tier3 Cyber security offers solutions and services for

Cyber security Services : To protect and assure your information and reduce your exposure to security risk in a globally connected world. We work to build your cyber defense posture using broad, integrated, and automated Cybersecurity mesh platform incorporating Zero Trust Framework, a cyber defense strategy that independently secures each device with its own perimeter. Our Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) typically include 24/7 monitoring, threat hunting, incident response, and the management of security technologies to provide continuous protection against cyber threats.

Penetration Testing Services : To proactively uncover your weakest links and identify the extent of damage a real malicious attacker could cause your business. We offer comprehensive and exclusive vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services - applying Chaos engineering to test and identify specific vulnerabilities and weaknesses within most complex and distributed system. Simulating real-world security incidents can help you assess the readiness of your security team to detect, respond, and mitigate cyber threats effectively.

Attack Surface Analysis : To map out what parts of YOUR IT systems need to be reviewed and tested for security vulnerabilities. We help you create and maintain an updated Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). SBOMs are valuable in maintaining cybersecurity and ensuring compliance with regulations and standards, particularly focusing on Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM).

Cyber Threat Intelligence: To help your organization aggregate, correlate, and analyze cyber threat data from multiple sources in real time to support defensive cyber security actions. Our Cyber Threat intelligence helps your security team take data-driven actions to prevent cyberattacks before they happen. 

Cybersecurity Training in Pakistan: To help Pakistani organizations with an accelerated cyber security training programs that provides their employees or job seekers with advanced technical cybersecurity training, industry-recognized cyber security certifications, and hands-on cyber defense and incident handling skills sought by both local employers and corporates in Pakistan..

Our clients choose us for Cybersecurity services in Pakistan because we challenge convention to find the solutions that really work – in practice, not just on paper. We understand keeping up with the volume and velocity of cyber threats can often feel like an uphill battle, but the good news is that most of tactics used to execute these cyber attacks are familiar to us, which better positions Tier3 cyber security teams to protect your organisation against them.


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