PPRA.ORG.PK – Hacked Cyber Alert

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June 23, 2019
GALLIUM – TELCO companies attacked around world
December 14, 2019

PPRA.ORG.PK – Hacked Cyber Alert

Tier3 monitoring teams have detected that Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) official website ppra.org.pk was earlier this morning by a hacker group “The Crash Rulers” .

It is the same group that supposedly hacked Pakistan Cricket Board official website recently on a match day. Both hacks seem to have same characteristics where index page of hacked website is defaced and some vigilante message added.

Tier3 advises all its readers to change their passwords if they manage or maintain any corporate or personal accounts on these websites. Relevant authorities have been notified.

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Updated : 08-Jul – 2019 3:25 pm – A 503 service unavailable error on website.

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