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Tier3 FBR POS Invoicing system can help retailers integrate with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) as required by law and remove the restrictions to claim input tax. Our FBR POS is a powerful, cost-effective inventory management & Point of Sale (POS) Software fully integrated for any kind of business even if your retail or wholesale operations are slightly more complex or if you’re running multiple stores with large product catalogs. Our FBR POS integration services include:

  • Generating your FBR POS ID and Integrating your FBR POS Invoicing System
  • Uploading your products
  • Customizing your sales receipt displaying your store details etc
  • Configuring your final settings
  • Performing Test Transaction to verify your FBR integration.
  • Training your team

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Tel: 051-8351907

WhatsApp: 03 49 59 25 35 0

Setup - 0 Rs
1000 Rs / Month Only

For more Information please visit our FBR POS page.

The Tier3 FBR POS Invoicing System is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for managing inventory and processing sales transactions. It is seamlessly integrated with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and is suitable for businesses of all types and sizes. This system offers robust POS capabilities that allow businesses to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. If you run an ecommerce store or online market place find out more about our FBR Integration for ecommerce businesses.

Our Specially designed POS FBR Connector System is able to handle and implement the day to day business and processes for the 12 new categories of businesses that have been included in the list of Tier 1 retailers in Pakistan including the

  • Foreign Currency Dealers
  • big restaurants
  • hotels, motels
  • guest houses
  • marriage halls
  • marquees
  • clubs
  • courier services
  • cargo service
  • big beauty parlors
  • medical practitioners and consultants
  • accountants
  • photographers
  • hospitals or medical care centers providing medical consultation, hospitalization or other ancillary services, etc.


Our FBR point-of-sale (POS) system does more than just process transactions. Instead, it offers software capabilities that streamline your daily workflow, combining tools such as sales reporting, easy returns and refunds with inventory tracking into one sleek platform. Choose the best, the cheapest and most trusted FBR POS invoicing system for your business that best fit for your needs.In short terms our FBR POS invoicing system, Does The Job.

The FBR POS system is available with free signup and installation on your hardware, which must meet the following requirements: a PC or laptop with an internet connection and a printer. There is a monthly recurring cost of 1000 Rs for using the system.

FBR POS Invoicing System – SAAS

Sell OUR FBR POS Software subscriptions under your own brand with FBR POS SAAS. We handle support & customization, while you make money! FBR POS SAAS comes with multi-tenant database structure, individual sub-domains, free landing page & a lot more..
Ideal for accountants , sales tax consultants or software houses already operating in Pakistan.

FBR Point of Sale Integration

Our company offers secure and verified services for Tier-1 retailers in Pakistan that enable them to integrate with the FBR point of sale (FBR POS) system. This integration process will include

  • Complete FBR Integration of POS system.
  • Fully Customized FBR POS App
  • Integration of payment / sales / refunds and printing modules to report and print sales receipts as per FBR standards
  • Re design your receipt to Show QR Code and fiscal Invoice number on sales receipt.

Our technical and sales team is always ready to help you. Feel free to contact us with your queries about FBR POS Invoicing System and FBR point of sale integration.



How to Add Sale with FBR POS App?

Add Sale with FBR POS