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For as long as there have been networks to exploit, there has been cyber crime. But in the decades since the advent of computing, it has gone from a nuisance pursued by lone hobbyists to a legitimate business threat – and a staple in the playbook of saboteurs, terrorists, and rogue nation states worldwide.

5.1 million cyber attacks occurred in 2014-2015 (with a further 2.5 million offences under the Computer Misuse Act),
Over half of these victims suffered financial loss.

To prevent these violations, you need a cast-iron strategy – and for that, you need a specialist cyber security recruitment agency.

TIER3 Cyber security recruitment: your first line of defence

For businesses, the potential damage is huge – and they are often prime, high-profile targets. Companies such as VISA, Yahoo!, and Sony Pictures have experienced attacks in recent years; often with catastrophic consequences.

Your company’s first line of defence against cyber-attacks is not a firewall, an authentication system, or an IPS: these can all be important and effective tools, but a sufficiently determined hacker is likely to find a way around them.

Rather, it’s people: people with experience and fluency in protecting systems and applications, who can develop strategies that prevent intrusion where they can – and provide a clear and definitive response in those rare cases where they can’t.

Finding these people is not always simple, of course. Cyber security qualifications and experience are in short supply, and it is very much a candidates’ market: to prize a vital hire away from a top company – and experts in this area are almost always already at top companies – may require more resources than your business is willing to commit. That’s where we come in.

Tier3  executive cyber security recruitment service

– we don’t think of network vulnerabilities as an issue that can always be fixed by any one individual. From boardroom level to SIEM recruitment, your company needs professionals that can both effect the necessary change and promote a business-wide culture of IT safety.

And because we’ve taken our own advice, we’re better placed than any of our competitors to identify these professionals. As the only cyber security recruitment agency with its own Centre of Excellence, every new consultant receives specialist training in cyber security trends – ensuring that our level of knowledge and insight remains up-to-date, and that our staff are able to secure hires that will align with your criteria and objectives.

Why use TIER3 Cyber security recruitment ?

Cyber security hires can come from obvious places (such as IT departments at blue-chip companies) or less obvious places (like the military). To find them, you’ll need a cyber security recruitment agency with an extensive network of existing contacts – and the resources needed to find those elusive diamonds in the rough.

We fulfill both conditions. Headquartered in Islamabad , we’ve successfully placed candidates in markets across the country. As well as being specialists in areas such as SOC recruitment, we also recruit for roles such as:

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • CIO
  • Head of Risk Management
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Systems Administrator
  • IT Security Officer
  • Application Security Specialist
  • Network Security Manager

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